Sportline Bright White concentrate, is low in V.O.C. and is APEO free. It is an environmentally friendly product (EU Directive 2007/42/EC). It is designed to easily disperse in to water at the required concentration.

  • Performance:
    Sportline Bright White contains only prime pigment and acrylic resin and additives to
    make it spray easy.
  • Can be thinned with up to 8 parts of water. Will not settle during shipping,
    storage or during use.
  • Good Quality Paint with Superior Hiding, Brightness and Durability.
  • ¬†Safe for use with all air-less or battery operated spray machines.
  • Water Based

Application Instructions:

Initial Marking:

  • Dilute 1 part Sportline Bright White with 4 parts water for first marking

Over Marking:

  • Dilute 1 part Sportline Bright White with 5 -6 parts water.
  • Dilution can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.

Sportline Bright White Instructions, Health and safety